Plumbing Inspections: What They Are and Why You Need One




Owning a home presents many responsibilities to keep your investment in working order. While the superficial maintenance tasks might be obvious, you may forget what’s hidden under the surface – your plumbing!  

When was the last time you scheduled a plumbing inspection? Hiring a licensed plumber to inspect your system can prevent minor inconveniences from becoming major, expensive problems.  

We share what plumbing inspections are and why you need one for your home! 

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What to Expect from a Plumbing Inspection 

When you book a plumbing inspection, your licensed plumber will evaluate the following components: 

  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing pipes, which include the main supply lines and sewage lines  
  • Hose bibs, outdoors and indoors 
  • Sinks and bathtubs  
  • Faucets and showers  
  • Toilets 
  • Water heaters  

Work only with a licensed plumbing professional since they are the only ones with the right expertise, tools, and experience to complete an examination thoroughly and safely.  

Why Should You Schedule a Plumbing Inspection? 

If you’re in the market for a new home, you might think the general home inspector will complete a thorough investigation of the various parts of your plumbing system. In reality, they only check that drains work, toilets flush, and taps run – trust us, there is a lot more that goes into your plumbing than that!  

We recommend hiring a plumber for an inspection in these scenarios:  

You’re Purchasing a Home  

An in-depth exam overshadows a standard home inspection. Before committing to a property investment, you should know what you’re getting into.   

You’re Selling Your Home  

A recent plumbing inspection revealing pristine pipes is a great selling point for those in the market. You’ll be able to guarantee that your systems and lines are in the best possible condition, so the buyer doesn’t end up with a major headache-causing surprise… 

You’d Rather Avoid Expensive Plumbing Emergencies  

While one school of thought says to wait until disaster strikes, we prefer to prevent small problems from becoming catastrophic! This will save you money, time, and stress in the long run. 

You Care About Your Property  

When you invest in a home, caring for your investment ensures it’ll serve you well for years to come! Small leaks can lead to ample damage that may be hard to diagnose. It tends to be easier to address small issues than large ones, so don’t procrastinate scheduling that inspection, y’all!  

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Prioritize Your Pipes with Maston’s Plumbing and Drain  

Clean, running water is an essential luxury in our modern lifestyles, so make sure your pipes stay in top shape to meet your needs! Our reliable team can help you out, no matter what shape your plumbing is in. From preventative maintenance to quick emergency repairs, you can count on us to get the job done.  

Don’t wait to schedule your annual plumbing inspection! With school just around the corner, now is the perfect time to mark it down in the books. Call us today – (918) 393-4025. 

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